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Hi, this is the homepage of Pieter-Augustijn Van Malleghem. I am a Professor of European Union law at the Centre Charles De Visscher pour le droit international et européen (CeDIE) at UCLouvain in Belgium. My research interests lie at the intersection of European Union law, constitutional law, economic law and critical legal theory. I am currently the P.I. of the ERC Starting Grant FEDMONEY.

At UCLouvain, I teach European Union Law (Droit de l’Union européenne), Constitutional Law of the European Union and an Introduction to American Law.

I obtained a PhD in Law from KULeuven (Belgium) and an SJD from Harvard Law School (USA). I also hold an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the Facultés universitaires Notre-dame-de-la-Paix (Namur, Belgium), a Master of Laws and a Master of Economic Policy from KULeuven (Belgium), an MSc in Economics and Finance from the Barcelona School of Economics (Spain) as well as an LLM (requirements completed, degree waived) from Harvard Law School. I am a member of the New York Bar.


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